These are all images I have shopped together in Photoshop. Most were done in 20 minutes or less. Currently I do not have any web site portfolio but this one.

Title: Random Things

What Was Done: I added in the stork, the pagoda, and the UFO. This also includes the reflections.

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Title: The Cost to Drive

What Was Done: I made this back when gas was $4 for regular. It took me a mere couple of minutes. I layered the images and erased to reveal the money.

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Title: What If?

What Was Done: Based on a Children's book about the moon getting closer to the Earth. I took downtown Orlando and added a sky from Montana in the back and edited out the mountains from the Montana skyline. I added the Moon in the backgound to which I edited and shaded a bit to match the lighting. Then I did some effect on the lake to make it appear like it is drying up.

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Title: Earth Apple

What Was Done:I can honestly say that I had no real reason for making this more than I just wanted to try it. I made the earth the size closest to the apple. I then erased the sides that were not on the apple. I then just set the layers.

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Title: Beware of Lightning

What Was Done:I found this sign in what I beleive was German. I edited out the words and put in my own which I matched the look to.

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Title: Skateboard Monkey

What Was Done:The stock photo of the monkey was originally sitting in a bathroom counter. I removed the monkey from the picture and put him in the skateboard picture. I positioned him on the skateboard. Then I cleaned up his edges and smudged some of his fur. The I added in some shading to make it look like he matched the lighting and was sitting on the board.

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